Logo and Branding Kit

Do you currently have a logo but it’s not very reflective of your brand? How about a cohesive brand portfolio that you can use across all forms of media? If not, let’s create a unified branding kit! We will work with you on logo ideation and design along with creating a color palette and branding kit for social media. With this branding kit you can take ordinary photos and elevate them with your tailored social media templates.


*stock images will be used unless original/personalized assets are provided

Today's Offer: $649

Sample Work                         


Logo and Branding Kit

In this sample, you’ll see that we created a logo design, as well as chose a font and color palette that is reflective of the brand and business.

This client wanted to ensure that they had a cohesive and unified style that made them more recognizable and memorable when searching across different media and social platforms for products and services that are in their chosen industry.

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